Shenzhen airport: take the metro line 11 from [Airport]

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China Applied Laser, , Taiwan. 台湾清华大学 Generation of 100-kw pulsed far-infrared laser at 50 m 50m远红外100-kw脉冲激光器 11:30-12:00 Hong Jin Kong KAIST, scientific research, China Co-organizer: Laser Technology Committee, China Huo Shao Executive President of Guangdong Laser Industry Technology Innovation Alliance。

and buy bus ticket to Shenzhen (about 110RMB). 2) Train 深圳火车站:搭乘地铁直接至会展中心站下车。

Shenzhen train station (Luohu): take a metro to exhibition center,TheNetherlands, Guangdong Laser Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, China Ordnance Society Cooperative Media: Laser Manufacture News。

you need line change (about 5 RMB)



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